Creating an enduring testament to your highest values in stained glass requires beautiful art installed professionally. Bovard Studio is an award winning provider of full service, complete stained glass solutions for new window creation and even the most challenging restorations. We handle the largest and smallest projects with the same level of dedication and interest, affording each project the respect and care it deserves.


West Angeles Cathedral, Los Angeles, CA
West Angeles Cathedral, Los Angeles, CA
Stained glass windows meet earthquake code

Bovard Studio Inc. created one of the world's largest stained glass windows engineered and approved by the city of Los Angeles, California for earthquake code. Denzel Washington and Magic Johnson co-chaired the building committee for the West Angeles Cathedral in Los Angeles. The Holy Spirit themed stained glass was designed by Ron Bovard and fabricated by Bovard Studio Inc. Stained Glass of Fairfield, Iowa.   click here to know more.

The completed stained glass window is composed of a central cross tower stained glass window measuring 108 ft. high, 10 ft. wide and 35 ft. deep; the height of a 10 story building. The connecting stained glass clerestory stained glass section is 8 ft. high by 653 ft. wide; longer than two football fields.

Structurally the stained glass is laminated onto a plate of ¼ inch tempered glass laminated to a second plate of ¼ inch tempered glass laminated to the stained glass. The stained glass window is fabricated in 8 ft. by 10 ft. panels weighing about 800 lbs. each and approved by the City of Los Angeles for earthquake code.

Bishop Charles Blake is the founder and pastor of the West Angeles Cathedral.

Ron Bovard is author of the book, Windows For The Soul.

Bovard Studio Inc. Stained Glass has been awarded United States Patent Number 7607267 for 21 claims for apparatus venting protective panels glazing stained glass windows. Bovard Studio Inc. Stained Glass designed this United States patented protective glazing system to conserve important stained glass windows based on the protective glazing study for the National Preservation Center published in the US Department of the Interior National Park Service National Center for Preservation Technology and Training Publication No. 1996-06

Bovard Studio Inc. Stained Glass is known for creating new stained glass windows in all historic and modern styles and the restoration of important stained glass windows.

Bovard Studio Inc. Stained Glass has two glazing systems approved by the state of Florida for maximum hurricane and impact codes as well as the stained glass glazing system approved for earthquake codes in Los Angeles, California.